In what can only be called Jurassic Park III, but with tigers, six Indonesian men were stalked for five days after accidently trapping and killing a tiger cub. The men had ventured deep into the jungle looking for rare incense wood, when a deer trap they'd set for dinner accidently caught the cub. The baby's screams attracted the rest of the pack, and seven Sumatran attacked the men. The men climbed up trees to escape the tigers, but the branched snapped for one man, and he fell to his death, mauled by the pack of tigers. 

Via CBS News: The 28-year-old man who was mauled to death had managed to climb a tree, "but the branch broke, causing him to fall to the ground," Purba said. There were seven tigers wandering around the trees but four left before the rescuers arrived, he said. The rescue team needed three days to reach the rugged area, said Sondani who was worried that the men could be weak and fall from the trees due to a lack of food. "I received a report from rescuers that they have just evacuated the men after tamers managed to drive away the tigers," Purba said. "They are all in weak condition and had survived by drinking rain water."