If you’ve been on Reddit in the last 24-hours you’ve probably noticed an eruption of outraged posts, decrying the site for having hired someone by the name of Aimee (Challenor) Knight. And you’ve probably also noticed that some of the most popular subs have gone “private” in protest of alleged censorship.

And it’s all connected, believe it or not, to pedophilia.

See, when Knight’s father was arrested in 2016, for the rape and torture of a 10-year-old girl (among 22 other sexual offenses), Knight was a rising star in UK politics. She’d just become the LGBTQ spokesperson for the Green Party. But when they began an investigation into why she’d allowed her father to continue running her campaign, after his conviction, she left outraged. Knight called the Green Party “transphobic” and started working for the Liberal Democrats instead.

However, her tenure there would be short lived as well. In 2019, Knight’s husband Tweeted about having sexual fantasies about children, and they too dropped her like a slimy freak.  

Aimee (Challenor) Knight. Image courtesy of Google. 

Enter Reddit. For whatever reason, the social media platform swooped in to the rescue, bent down and helped lift Knight back up, giving her a job as an admin for the site.

And that’s where shit started to hit the fan: Naturally, when people caught wind that Knight had been hired by Reddit, they were wary and confused. One moderator of r/UKPolitics posted an article from Spectator about her father, David Challenor and the crimes he was convicted of, which also briefly mentioned Aimee Knight, and referenced her in passing with a “three letter word.”

That post not only got removed, but, without any explanation beyond “doxing” the moderator who had posted it was permanently suspended from Reddit by admins.

Outraged, the sub’s other moderators scrambled to figure out what was going on. They soon posted the following message, stating that a censorship campaign was under way and urging their members not to mention Knight lest they get permanently banned as well.

“As we had no idea what had happened, or why posting this article resulted in a permanent suspension, we took the emergency step of making the subreddit private and immediately contacting the admins for clarification,” the subreddit statement from r/UKPolitics’ mods reads. “We took this step to protect both the users of the subreddit, and ourselves, from further action by the Reddit admin staff. It later became apparent that Reddit has hired this individual as an Reddit admin, and were banning people from discussing her past to protect their employee from harassment.”

It seems, Reddit has not only hired someone unnervingly proximal to known pedophiles, but they’re now actively defending her from public scrutiny. Why?

Because, diversity. They wanted a token LGBTQ employee, and decided that Knight was precisely the person for the job — never mind her father’s past, or her intent to put him in a government position working with children; never mind her husband’s sick sexual fantasies. That’s all beyond reproach, apparently.

As outrage continues to mount across Reddit over 200 of the most popular subs on the site have followed r/UKPolitics’ lead and gone private. The users are banding together and the mods are standing with them, against the authoritarian censorship of Reddit’s admins, who seem hell-bent on protecting Knight — even against their own best interests.