There was a time when very few bands were able to do much without the help of iconic cities like Seattle, L.A. and Nashville. Social power in music was held by large labels that pretty much dictated what was hot, and at what time it was the hottest. In a pre-old-MySpace era, listeners were at the mercy of publishing companies, force-fed through a tube attached to the proverbial teat of the directors. For Colorado, that meant that very few bands were capable of making an impact outside of the few who were actually paying attention.

VAUX is one of those “shoulda-been” stories that still plague the memories of aging hipsters in the Colorado market. When mentioned, the name rubs raw those who witnessed the band in its peak. The angst-strewn melodies and brash vocal accompaniment was an epic force that dominated the Denver-local sphere and laid solid groundwork for bands attempting to follow in its path.

In the early parts of 2004 the act was signed to Atlantic Records. Though with little attempt on the label’s part and stagnant media push in the barren wasteland of internets past, the band was forced to sever ties and eventually came to a dramatic halt.

The finished album, "Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice," was never released on the Atlantic label and was instead self-released to disappointing sales. It includes some of the best work to ever come out of a Colorado based band, and continues to inspire those taking the leap into an unpredictable industry. “Are You With Me,” “Cocaine James” and “Van Fong” will forever be labeled as Colorado classics and, hopefully, never be lost in the vaults of existence. VAUX played their last show on July 28th, 2007 at The Bluebird Theater with Casket Salesmen, The Epilogues and Moccasin.