Restaurant capitalizes on people's aversion to speaking to one another by banning talking during dinnertime. Sounds like a dream date.

People really don't like to talk to each other. We know you've breathed an inner sigh of relief or two after your date cancels dinner plans, or, instead of talking to you, the person next to you on the plane just shuts the fuck up and falls asleep like they're supposed to.

At Eat in Brooklyn, you can do just that- shut the fuck up like you're supposed to, so you can focus on the food. You get a four-course pre fixe dinner for $40, but the absence of stupid college stories and awkward silences is worth so much more than that. It's like a training course for being 50 and married.

“We wanted to bring attention to the physical and visceral properties of eating, and less of the distractions you see so much these days,” said head chef Nicholas Nauman. He was inspired to pitch the silent feasts after spending time in a Buddhist monastery, where he and the monks would have silent breakfasts so that they could enjoy the food in a way that conversation prohibits. That's so meta.