Biting words from a restaurant who served food no one wanted to take a bite of (puns!). This scathing letter explaining why they went out of business is the perfect representation of why we haven't cast our imperious eye to the Lone Star State just yet.

An Amarillo, Texas restaurant certifiably pwned the entire city of Amarillo, Texas when it posted this sassy sign on their door after going out of business:

Finally, Texas says what we always wanted it to say about Texas! But shit, have you been to Amarillo? It's a culinary wasteland. Two chicken sandwiches from Wendy's is like fine dining there. The high school kids go to Steak & Shake for prom. If Gordon Ramsay went there he would die. He'd just die.

Sava's executive chef mentioned they'd be moving to Lubbock, which is like a processed, fast food Mecca like Amarillo but with more Buddy Holly paraphernalia. They thought they'd do better there because it's "more of a wine town." Yeah if by wine you mean 2.5% Bud Light from the truck stop. Or toilet wine.The chef told the Amarillo Globe-News that Amarillo was "a tough sell" and that customers "think they know what Italian food is and they still argue with me about it." Yeah, we'd tend to agree that central Texans maybe don't know what they're talking about when it comes to food. But, maybe one Texas resident does know real Italian food…check out his gem of a review of Sava on Gawker.

…Yeah, so whatever happened to secession?