For those in search of another reason to hate the 1 percent, look no further than a new Tumblr blog titled “Rich Kids of Instagram.” Peruse photos of the whelps of the wealthiest taking Don Perignon showers by the lake, posing with new Bentley’s and Ferrari’s and—our favorite—posting images of their exorbitant receipts from nights out around the world. Receipt porn is the hot new thing. At a French nightclub, one young dickhead ran up a 107,524 euro bill with nothing more than caviar, bottle service and sugar-free Red Bulls. Should we hate these spoiled bastards? Probably. Still, we’re on board simply because Rooster’s quest for global dominance requires friends like these. Friends who own a $9,000 gold-plated Versace AK-47—which looks really player when photographed next to your watch and sunglasses collection.