Knock knock. Who's there? Sue. Sue who? Sue you, bitch — better have my money!

See how quickly the whole “plagiarism” debate can mound-up when an industry is in such close quarters online? It seems all that talk last month about “Blurred Lines” is old hat: Pharrell who-now? Because the current stink is on Rihanna’s hands — as fans of recording artist Just Brittany have gone full attack status, claiming RiRi done stole her idea!

Let’s not stop there, though, because Denver’s own Cobraconda have had the “Bitch Better Have My …” game on lock starting years ago with its single “BBHM$.” While the single, and its ferociously not-safe-for-work video (because your work is prude), may not ever reach a Top 40 level as Rihanna’s probably will — in the age of litigious knee-jerking coming out of Hollywood, could they have a case?

The guys in Cobraconda are underpaid artists, and likely no median-income lawyer would fathom to go after Rihanna’s dream team of greasy scam-artists in expensive suits to back them up. What we learned from the “Blurred Lines” debate, however, is that “ideas” can now be under copyright, and “feelings” fit closely within the confines of those ideas. So … maybe Cobraconda does have a chance if we all Kickstart a few million to pay for a retainer?

Stranger things have happened …

The ongoing speculation between Just Brittany and Rihanna, however, was sparked by a now-deleted tweet from Just Brittany, in which she says:

@itsjustbrittany Betta Have My Money now on iTunes before @rihanna

Just Brittany’s track “Betta Have My Money” has been out since February of 2014, while Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” dropped just last week. Rihanna has always been forthright about the connection her song has to the movie “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” — as her Instagram posts imply the song rips quotes directly from the poetic pimp, Fly Guy, from the film.

So many connections. So many trails to traverse …

If this were 3 years ago we’d say the debacle would be swept under the rug quick-like with few actually caring to make it a point. But now — post “Blurred Lines” verdict — Just Brittany and her team may actually have a case, as the hooks of both sound eerily similar. And, yes, even Cobraconda if they were up for it.

In our opinion the case probably won’t go to trial. There will inevitably be some sort of out-of-court paycheck handed over … or we’ll see Just Brittany opening up for Rihanna on her next tour to ride out the controversy wave.

Watch ALL of the Bitch Better Have My Moneys below …

… and as per a smarter-than-we are catch from a valued reader — every single one of these versions can just as easily be taken by Cleveland rapper AMG — of which Cobraconda, and thus RiRi and Just Brittany heavily samples from. His 1991 single "Bitch Betta Have My Money" trumps all … touché … bitches better all have AMG's money!