Thinking this far ahead can most definitely save you a phat stack of cash. Don't sleep!

What are you doing for Labor Day Weekend 2016!? Wait a minute, you don't know? The fuck don't you know yet? It's damn near Christmas and you haven''t made plans yet? What kind of music lover are you!? Why are we using so many question marks with exclamation points!? Ghaaaa!!!

It's a little overhwleming, sure, to be considering next summer already before the holidays have even poked their head out from under the stoop. But we assure you, thinking ahead like this is going to save you a phat stack of cash in the long run — and the promoters of Riot Fest are nothing but here to help your wad. Yesterday it was announced that the annual fun-fest will be back at the National Western Stock Show Complex again, this time through Labor Day Weekend (Sept 2-4, 2016). 

With that, early bird passes are now available as well. The three-day passes are willing to be yours for $99.98 … except … NOPE, those are already sold out. You've got to move quick on these tier prices, because now (as of press time) they've already moved up to the $129.98 price point. Still a good deal for an entire weekend packed with music, though. Get on it!