TV hosts are here to remind you that the impending robot takeover is only a few nuts and bolts away.

“This morning (Trump) held a meeting with a group of CEOs at the White House. (He) said he wants to replace robots with human workers. Then Mike Pence says, ‘I’ll show myself out.’”

– Jimmy Fallon

“Engineers at Boston Dynamics have unveiled a humanoid robot that can withstand getting pushed in the chest with a hockey stick without falling over. Which is definitely the most Boston way to test a robot.”

– Seth Myers

“First the robots take all the auto industry jobs. Now they're putting good, honest, hard-working assassins out of work. Where does it end?”

– James Corden

“An artificially intelligent sex robot is expected to hit the market next year. Because that’s what guys want in a sex robot — intelligence.”

– Conan O’Brien