As edibles have become one of the preferred cannabis products of consumers, the market has blossomed across Colorado with companies offering everything from gummies to dissolvables, and chocolates to sweet treats! Rooster’s Food Fight competition set out to find the best edible products within seven categories. Our judges tried one edible a day and scored on such attributes as taste, effect, and clarity of high. The competition was fierce and the scores were high, but in the end, we found the top products. Listed in this spread are the 2023 Food Fight winners.

Grand Champion: LivWell | PharmaCann – matter. | Lunaberry Gummy Bites

The edible of your dreams. Lunaberry Dreamy Gummy Bites by matter are fast-acting and offer a wonderful combination of THC, CBN, and CBD. Lull away to a dreamy place with the sweet flavors of blackberry, raspberry, and orange.


1st Place: Northern Standard | Milk & Cookies


2nd Place: Incredibles | S’mores Chocolate Bar


3rd Place: LePow Extracts | Cereal Killaz


1st Place: LivWell | Pharmacann – matter. | Lunaberry Gummy Bites


2nd Place: DŌSD Edibles | DŌSD Nano Bites – Blue Raspberry 1000mg


3rd Place: Nové Luxury Edibles | Blueberry Basil CBN | Sleep Gummy


1st Place: LePow Extracts | Gummy Crunch


2nd Place: Cannapunch Brands – Dutch Girl Edibles | Moonberry Stroopwafel


3rd Place: LivWell | Pharmacann | Full Melt | Caramels


1st Place: Keef Brands | Keef Classic Soda Pineapple X-Press


2nd Place: LePow Extracts | LePow – Pour Up Tore Up Full Spectrum RSO Syrup


3rd Place: Cannapunch Brands | Cannapunch Pineapple Mango


1st Place: Metta Hemp Company | CBG Rosin Gummy


2nd Place: The Clear™ | DripCees by The Clear™ Peaches N’ Cream – SLEEP – 2:1:1 THC:CBD:CBN


3rd Place: LivWell | Pharmacann | matter. | Tangerine 1:1 Tincture


1st Place: DŌSD Edibles | DŌSD Nano Bites – Cherry Cola 100mg


2nd Place: ORIA | Sumatran Sunrise


3rd Place: LivWell | PharmaCann | matter. | Kiwi Strawberry Gummy Bites


1st Place: Muncheez | Berries ‘N Cream Cereal Bar


2nd Place: LePow Extracts | LePow Extracts Rick Simpson Oil


3rd Place: Green Treets | Pot Shot


Honorable Mentions:

New Product – Cheeba Chews | Joint Relief Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel with Turmeric |

Gummies – Dablogic | Dablogic Rosin Solventless Fruit Chew White Peach Yuzu |

Sweets – Infuzionz | S’more Krispy Treat|

Sweets – Joyibles | Joy Bombs + CBD 1:1 Sour Blends |

Chocolate – Millie’s | Millie’s Peanut Chocolates |

Lozenge – Native Roots | Mr. Moxey’s Relief Lemon Ginger |

Sweets – Native Roots | Mr. Moxey’s Dream Lavender |

New Product – Ripple | Ripsticks – Blue Raspberry |

Gummies – Ript | Faded Fruit Punch |

Gummies – The Green Solution | Sour Green Apple |