Free shows never end well in Colorado, but any excuse to pull out the riot gear, amiright!?

When Run the Jewels came to Denver in November of last year it was easily one of the most hyped shows we’ve heard of in this area in a while. The hip-hop duo was making waves near and far with its creative campaigning beforehand, and its balls-out, no hold -back style of conscious rhyming prose was forcibly pushing them further and further into conversation.

Quite simply, Run the Jewels is the fastest rising act on the planet right now and a few days ago released news that got Denver and its surrounding ‘burbs in a frenzy. El-P and Killer Mike will be coming back soon to the Ogden Theatre — like Thursday, Jan 29 soon — and the show will be free. Nada. Zip. Zero. No baller. Just a simple RSVP via the House of Vans site and show up.

But here’s the catch: Denver alone is now home to over 600,000 thirsty revelers and many of those people want to go see an incredible act for free. This show is hyped, almost as much as the last one was, so it may be damn near impossible for anyone to get in aside from a lucky 1,600, which would fill The Ogden Theatre’s capacity. Obviously an RSVP does not guarantee entry.

We said, “damn near,” however, and damn near is still good enough! RSVP, show up early, and let us know how fun it was. Us? We can’t bear to look at another scuff on our Pumas, so the crowd turns us off. Unless either one of you have a mad hook-up on a spot in line minutes before showtime?

It’s not cutting, it’s outsourcing.