Russia announced plans to ban Instagram on Friday, having already blocked access to Facebook and Twitter last week.

The announcement came in what is an obvious attempt to devolve Russia back into a post-soviet state; a devoid hellscape where Russian residents are forced to use terrible social media platforms and search engines, like Myspace, and AskJeeves.

The move to ban Instagram came after its parent company, which is now called Meta for some reason, announced that it would allow those affected by the war in Ukraine to create posts that call for violence against Russian invaders.

It’s an interesting turn of events for the absurd 2022 timeline we’re all experiencing, as many are wondering if the social media bans will cause Russia to supersede the rest of the world, as Russians will no longer have cause to care about artificial dick measuring contests such as reels and stories.

Roskomnadzor, Russia’s state media regulator and 1984 Big Brother equivalent to all of Russia, explained that it would give Russians until midnight on Monday, March 14 to pull all of their images and videos to the platform.

Which is actually really nice when you think about it. Even though Russia announced intentions to ban Instagram on Friday, it gave its denizens one last weekend to waste scrolling through what we can only imagine are Russian car crashes and thirst traps.

Banning these various social media platforms is only a small move in what mass media outlets are calling a “war between Silicon Valley companies and Russia” which is definitely the most sensational and dumbest way to phrase such a thing.

Last week, Youtube blocked the channels of Russian state media outlets as the country continues a piss-poor propaganda campaign against the rest of the world.

Whether Russia will develop smug attitudes and condescending remarks in response to no longer using social media has yet to be seen, but one thing is certain: you’d probably ban social media if you got memed this hard, too.