Nothing makes sense anymore.

Usually, police dogs are German shepards, Bassett hounds, or some other canine variant that hasn't had the dog selectively bred out of them. You know, dogs that can function.

Not in Russia.

Russian police are hoping to turn Welsh corgis – those squat, legless, floating head lookin' things – into bomb-sniffing national heroes that can squeeze into tight spaces and look really adorable during search operations.

The best part? The fleet of crime-fighting corgis is completely pointless. Corgis possess no unique searching, tracking or dogging ability other than existing, and their presence on the frontline seems to be more because they look like quadruple-amputee teddy bears than because they're useful in any way.

“It is not certain that they will be able to join the ranks of service dogs, but even if they don’t the experiment will be interesting for everyone. We will try out the breed in search operations,” said Elena Haikova, head of Moscow’s canine unit.

Haikova believes the low height of the corgis will make them effective in sniffing out contraband or bombs in tight spaces, although there is currently zero evidence that a dog's height has any influence on their bomb-smelling ability.

“We have two pups, one of whom is two months old, the other is six months old,” she said. Both dogs will undergo a series of tests and will be compared with other medium-sized breeds in assisting police work, Newsweek reports. Useful!

Great, well we're really looking forward to that new police sloth squad the Denver police have been talking about … they seem to move at about the same rate as stoned people, so they should be remarkably effective at identifying inebriated lawbreakers then taking 20 years to hug them softly.