This man gave you songs to dry-hump too. What's that worth in actual dollars?

Look at that stack of bills you have lying on the table next to you right now. What do those things add up to: one, two, maybe four hundred dollars? You’re broke, but you’re nowhere near the end of salvation.

It’s nothing like where St. Louis rapper Nelly is at right now. The “Country Grammar” superstar was recently popped with a $2,412,283 lien from the federal government and an added bill of  $149,511 for past state taxes, according to TMZ.

His fans are having none of it, though. The growing social movement #SaveNelly is looking to hook him up like he hooked all of us up in our formative years. As it stands, SPIN found that in order to pay off his hefty fines, Spotify users would need to stream his tracks near 287 million times (given all the money went into Nelly’s pocket).

The Internet is heeding the call. Enter #SaveNelly …