Researchers have once again pushed science too far after they created a toddler AI. Indeed, in case you’ve forgotten, the only thing scarier than sentient robots are sentient robot children.

The AI was created by the Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence and was named Tong Tong, which translates to “little girl” in English.

“It has the emotional intelligence and behavior of a three to four-year-old,” reads an article from Readwrite, failing to mention whether the virtual entity might also have sticky little sausage fingers that it pokes into your eyes when you’re trying to watch the game. 

The developer has stated that Tong Tong possesses emotions, which isn’t something that AI has been able to do in the past and that we’re therefore tempted to call bullshit on.

It’s worth pointing out that at this current juncture, Tong Tong only exists virtually. 

However, we still fear that this won’t stop her from telling us an incoherent rambling story that drags on for nine minutes the next time our married friends bring her to dinner.