Charles in Charge, 

Look at you Scott, all washed up with little room to grow. You've been in the game longer than most of our readers have been alive yet you still haven't learned how to play Hollywood? Be conservative in a pool of liberals, fine, but know that you're under the miscroscope for every-damn-thing you say. Or tweet. People don't like it? Apologize if you want but then leave it alone, don't blame it on your love of Trump or whatever the case may be and run your mouth further digging an already cavernous hole. That doesn't help you or your cause. You used to be the cool guy in charge, the arbiter of good and just as a reliable sitcom buddy. You knew how to do it then, why not now? Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy what little remains of your money and your legacy.

Sincerely, Nostalgia Lembeck