Did you survive the onslaught of "Blizzmatik"? 

The torrential snowstorm Colorado faced a few weeks back put a huge damper on the performances scheduled that weekend for Red Rocks Amphitheater. Adventure Club was cold and crappy on Friday and the Sunday performance from The Moody Blues was moved entirely to the Denver Coliseum (a dud of a venue for such a historic act). But the show everyone was talking about the following week was Gramatik’s — a night everyone has since dubbed “Blizzmatik.”

In summation: Only half of the people who had tickets to the sold out event showed up, all of the musician’s sets were cut short and the snow came down all night like a sack of jewels in an empty tub. The show went on, however, and Gramatik pulled out a memorable set (albeit short) for the diehards still in attendance.

Now the YouTube has a souvenir of the night in the form of a recap video. And speaking of souvenirs, head over to Gramatik’s site to buy your very own “I Survived Blizzmatik” t-shirt — even if you were one of the many who stayed home. Nobody will know whether or not you were there, and quite honestly nobody will likely will care …