You can legalize pot, and you can smoke it all day long, but you sure as shit can't advertise it here in the nation's squarest state.

It's a strange, strange world we live in where you can legally purchase and consume weed, but you can't advertise businesses where you can purchase and consume weed. What is that even?

That weird paradox is something that Colorado is currently struggling with amid fallout from a recent incident in which a Denver television station pulled two marijuana ads from its air schedule due to "legal concerns."

ABC affiliate KMGH-Channel 7 had plans to broadcast two weed ads; one for weed vape pen company Neos, and another for The Green Solution, a local dispensary. The Green Solution ad would have marked history, as it would have been the first dispensary ad to air on television to both a local and national audience.

But noooo.  Both were supposed to air to Colorado viewers this week before an episode “Jimmy Kimmel Live," but the network pulled out of the deal at the last minute after parent company E.W. Scripps stepped in.

In a statement, E.W. Scripps said they're “proud to be a company of free speech and open expression, but we have concerns about the lack of clarity around federal regulations that govern broadcast involving such ads.”

So … no weed advertising for you. The children have been thought of. The people have been shielded. Order has been restored or … something.

Watch the two marijuana spots below to learn what sort of devilish broadcast the Colorado public was saved from.

They're pretty bland and benign, no? To us, they come across far more like inhaler ads than commercials for absolute sin, but hey … we don't make the rules. Plus, given that Colorado is currently rolling in millions of dollars of weed taxes, it's pretty clear no one needs to be convinced to smoke weed in this state.