Since 2014, Seed & Smith has brought high quality flower and concentrates to the good people of Colorado. This vertically integrated processor, cultivator, and extraction company does all of this in-house for complete control over the entire process, ensuring the highest standards of products. From whole flower pre-roll packs in fully recyclable and durable packaging to concentrates like their “Dart” pod vaporizers, Seed and Smith continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the Colorado market.  

It all starts with cultivation. Seed & Smith's state-of-the-art cannabis facilities and software oversee every aspect of the flower's journey from seed to sale. Small batch grow techniques give their cultivators even more control of the quality of product, eliminating the extra processing.

We’ve heard about the advancements in growing methods and processing but we needed to see if for ourselves. Because Seed and Smith offers grow tours throughout the week, we went down and put together a photo gallery documenting the beautiful and highly efficient grow operation. 

Want to see it for youself? To book your own tour, visit their website at

With a location in Denver, their newest location in Louisville, and many dispensaries across the state that carry Seed & Smith, it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on some of their quality cannabis products, anywhere in the state of Colorado.