These are the fiercest, most unbelievable selfies from Selfie Olympics, a new Twitter trend that has Gen Y assholes from across the planet competing for who can take the best selfie of all time. Prepare to enter the selfie dojo. You'll never be the same once you leave. 

Selfie culture is getting real, real competitive these days lately thanks to a new Twitter trend called Selfie Olympics. Gone are the days when you could casually snap a MySpace angle of your new implants or drawn-on abs in your bathroom with your Sidekick. No; that's not gonna cut it, bucko. Today's selfies are like Uncle Terry photo shoots on crack, but with more Apple products and better hastags, and Selfie Olympics are where the creme de la creme of iPhone assholes meet to compete for selfie glory. Because sure, fuck it. 

The rules and regulations are simple. Selfies must be taken in a bathroom, and you must use some sort of prop. Alternatively, just dangle off your bathroom door and yell "THIS SHIT CRUCIAL" at the top of your lungs. 

And now, we leave you with the world's latest and greatest Selfie Olympic shots so you can, you know, get a taste of the competition.