If you think what you're doing now isn't going to be picked apart later — guess again …

As is the case with things like rap-rock, mullets and trickle-down economics, we’ve had some fairly poor judgment calls in the past as a living collective. Really though, when all that was happening in the moment, it reigned supreme. Hindsight, however, is always 20/20 …

It's just what happens. Every generation thinks it's so far superior than the previous, and people within them never really ponder how ridiculous some of the shit they're doing now is going to look in a few years. It isn't natural to critique the current paradigm like that. We can make educated assumptions though, about what kind of stupidity is lurking around at the moment that we’re going to look back on in utter disgust.


Naturally. Never in the history of ever has there been so much access to neat things, yet so little done with them. We know we look great in this outfit or that one, but do we need to burn it into pixels every single time it happens? We’re continually feeding our grotesque, narcissistic tendencies and pandering to debilitating addictions for likes in what seems like every millisecond of the day. We assure you, future generations are going to look back and ask, “What the fuck?”

Engagement photos

Going through mom and dad’s photo albums, they're a microcosm of a time we weren’t involved in. Photo quality, clothing, hairstyles — everything that made that particular era unique now looks strange. Don’t think ours will be any different. In the case of engagement photos, it's understandable, a beautiful moment happens in time and someone would like to remember it. Wonderful, but when the photos look exactly like a dozen or so previous ones posted from every other couple online, wouldn't that have sparked a desire to be more creative with the output? They look laughable now, think of what twenty years is going to do for them?

Fashion, on all fronts

The "Two-Thousand-Teens" is only half over and has already seen its fair share of questionable fashion choices. The desire to achieve maximum individuality has imploded on itself, and while people are copying the mob to chisel in an identity, the whole of it is missing the point entirely. Fashion is what everyone else does, style is what you do. Shaved sides, tight (and droopy) jeans, tattoos with references to pop-culture, shoe hysteria … these are all things etched into this time period for no reason other than it's popular and people don't want to feel left out.

Every generation has its share of physical trends, just know that, what you think looks good now, is going to be the meat and cheese of dinner conversation and ridicule later.

American Idol

This show sucks and what it's done to music sucks even more. Good riddance.

Donald Trump (or just politics in general)

We’re hoping that this article stands the test of time, and eventually it's pulled up by a researching teen looking for items of the past — because let us be the first to apologize to all of you future people. Most of us have nothing to do with how the political races end up, and can certainly attest that people like Donald Trump having an edge is just as big of a shock to us in 2015 as it is to everyone else in the coming years. Regardless how the 2016 presidential race ends up, the sheer lunacy of back-and-forths in a system meant to be the intelligent median of society is outrageous. We don't even have to be in the future to know that we're absolutely fucked politically.


After all this time, the world still doesn’t even have a true definition of what the actual hell a “hipster” is. Someone different than you? Everyone? Coffee drinkers? A bearded fixie rider with unicorn outline tattoos? The fuck is a hipster!?

Whatever they are, the idea of them is going to be a perplexing memory in about 10 years, just in time for Buzzfeed to make a “15 hipsters you miss now that it’s the future” article. We’re so confused.


We’re no better than the rest of online users, in that we love taking something that made us laugh once and repost it for our world to see. There’s nothing inherently wrong about a crude image with bland letters emblazoned over the top of it, but the style has since gone to the past and will continue to outdate itself with every change of trends.

Want to be a cool dad in the future? Withhold the urge to post an old-school meme with the intention of making younger kids laugh. That is what old people are going to do.


Linguistics is fascinating: One minute a series of letters is nothing more than a jumbled mess, and the next, it's a worldwide phenomenon. Would you have even been able to pronounce "fuccboi" two years ago? Language evolves, and with the help of the Internet, the cycle plows through trends even quicker.

Here's a few popular words of today you likely won't see in 2016, let alone 2026:

Fuccboi (or "fuckboy)

Everything everyone posts online

So basically, everything we do now, we’re probably going to look back on in disgust. Which would be alright, if it weren’t readily available in a searchable database for not only the current world to see, but for everyone in the future too.

If you use Facebook’s “Memories” feature — the one that pulls up posts from the past to remind you about mundane shit — you know then how stupid things look months after the fact. It’s a helpful feature, but probably not for what Zuckerberg had in mind. Every morning when you sign on, it reminds you about past “memories." Instead of reposting them (what Facebook wants you to do), do this instead: Go delete everything you never want to see again as it comes up. Then, in 10 years, you’ll have plausible deniability … and some fucking privacy.

Then there's comment threads. If you're an angsty 20 year old, or maybe a douchey 40-year-old blogger with roommates still searching for an identity, it might be best to leave your asinine opinions to yourself. Maybe you're a dick and are mad at black America right now, and spout off on the comment thread of a VICE article from time to time because of it — you think in a few years you want an employer to find that, or worse, your children who want a hero to look up to? Opinions change, comment threads and heated, bigoted posts do not.

The Kardashians

Seriously, fuck these people …