Somebody who has more time on their hands than anyone ever has made an entire gallery of Scarlett Johansson eating shit in various situations, and it's pure visual ecstasy. Don't read this if you hate laughing.

Okay, so before we show you these beautiful images of the world's most beautiful woman falling down, we want you to click 'play' on this song so as you scroll through the pictures, you can get a sense of who the artist behind this masterpiece is.

So here's the O.G. image that spawed a tiny army of Photoshop-ed instances of Scar-Jo eating shit:

Okay got it? Are you feeling the song? Then let's you and I take a visual stroll through the glorious stuff that people are capable of creating when they're "between jobs," and "have no life." The work itself is motivation to stop what you're doing and move to a remote hermit cave with no amenities other than a WiFi signal and access to what looks like WordPress's first-ever blog template because such isolation apparently brings forth artistic opuses such as these:

So moving. That's what you get for being the world's most talented, beautiful woman, Scarlett.