Just in time for the week of 4/20 the Denver City Council voted in approval of two measures that will change the local industry: one legalizing third party cannabis delivery services and another approving open consumption clubs. Finally, this summer, the People of Denver will be able to order weed straight to their door, or go to a bar where they can smoke it openly.

It only took seven years to actually make that happen.

The bills, which have been in discussion since cannabis was recreationally legalized in 2014, finally got pushed through on Monday April 19th of 2021 and were signed into law on April 20th (yeeeeee).

The first bill, makes it legal for cannabis businesses to hire third party courier services to deliver bud to customer’s doors, and it also nixes Denver’s dispensary cap of 220. The second, opens the door for open consumption clubs — some for patrons to bring their own cannabis, and some also that will sell cannabis on site. It also gives the green light to cannabis busses and shuttles.

Both of these measures have been a long time coming. They’ve been held up in a legislative limbo by bureaucratic back and forth bullshit. It seemed that no one could decide or figure out how to get these measures pushed through — until this week when both bills were passed into law unanimously and without discussion.

So, by the end of this summer, Denver could be getting third party cannabis delivery — however, the open consumption areas may still be more than a year out. These things move slow.

But, at least we now know they’re coming.