So your run at American Idol, Bachelor, Judge Judy and The X Factor ended worse than Carson Daly's career. That doesn't mean you shouldn't dust yourself off and try again. And it definitely doesn't mean that your prospects for porn star of the year no longer exist. Buck up champ, a new game show to find the next big porn star should have you, your dignity and your parent's therapist back in action faster than you can say wrong hole. 

In short, The Sex Factor is like "The X Factor" or "American Idol" but instead of contestants singing their way into stardom, contestants, well, bang their way to stardom. Eight men and eight women will face off for the chance of a lifetime to become America's next favorite porn star and a jackpot worth $1 million. 

Not much is known about the sex show except that it's hosted by Belle Knox, the Duke University student who turned to porn in order to pay her tuition (evidently, she didn't consider that when it comes to negative resume builders, adult actress trumps no-degree, especially when your employer recognizes you from Sorority Sluts 4) Belle will be joined by four female pornstar judges who bring to the table a plethora of experience making for an evenly judged competition on sub, dom, and absolutely NSFW material. Then, at the 2015 AVN Awards, after all is said, done and banged out, the winner will be announced. WHAT A DOOZY! We can't wait. 

You've got the daddy issues. You've got the emotional baggage. All you need is the chance. Open casting begins in San Francisco this spring. For more information on your future occupation, follow "The Sex Factor" on twitter at @TheSXFactor. Good luck and Godspeed! You're going to need it.