So much to do, so very much to do!

It's a month that only comes once a year — like all months, we guess — but this month is a time to dress up, get wild and pretend to eat people while not acually eating them! Halloween done cometh, and we have 10 things for you to get down on to enjoy it with every last breath of your being …

Be a part of a World Record with the Zombie Crawl

photo: Sasha Spector

Saturday, Oct 17 // 12:01 pm – ???
Skyline Park – Denver, CO

If ever you’ve been stuck downtown amidst the World Record holding Zombie Crawl, not knowing what in the actual fuck is going on, the crowd of dressed up adults is somewhat frightening. Over the past few years, however, the family friendly gathering has become the largest of its kind and continues to be one of the most socially buzzed about events of the season. And it’s free! You just dress up in your best zombie attire, show up, and crawl the 16th Street Mall with thousands of others. We’re going as The Spice Zombies: Brain Spice, Guts Spice, Unghrrr Spice, Totally Dead Spice and of course Scary Spice.

Ultraween presented by

Saturday, Oct 31 // 8:00 pm – 2:00 am
Crossfit LoDo @ RiNo – Denver, CO

One of the rage-iest parties of the year is back and bigger than ever. What began as a small gathering of music-loving souls, the annual shindiggery is now host to some of the greatest musical talent the city has to offer along with plenty of booze (provided by Breckenridge Brewery and Deep Eddy Vodka) to quench that ghostly thirst of yours. The Ultraween party is never one to miss. Unless you’re dead. Which would be a great costume, btw. Dead guys aren’t offensive.

May Farms w/ bae

Every Sat and Sun through Halloween // 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Off I-70 Eastbound – Byers, CO

This by no means is a turn-up destination for getting terribly crazy. In fact, consider this suggestion as more of a pregame locale than anything else. But if you’re pining for a quick getaway from city life for a moment to blast some stupid idiot pumpkins out of a canon, or just to bring bae to pick out a special fall decoration, May Farms is the spot. They even have something new this year: ZOMBIE PAINTBALL! From 6-10 pm on weekends, blast the shit out of your friends with slightly menacing, high velocity plastic wads of paint. It’s so very on!

Mac Miller w/ Action Bronson

Saturday, Oct 31 // Doors @ 5:30 pm
Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO

We spoke with Mac Miller for our October issue and we can most definitively say he won’t be mad if you happen to wear his face as a costume to his Halloween show featuring Action Bronson as co-headliner (there’s a handy cutout of it in the magazine). A first of its kind, the Halloween show is chock full of hip-hop luminaries and is a historical precedent for (maybe?) things to come as far as parties at Red Rocks in October are concerned. It might be as cold as the underbelly of a Republican voter, but then again, this is Colorado, it may not be. It’s not like we don’t have a show there in January, though, so buck up bucko — The Rocks ‘bout to get lit!

Coloween w/ mothafuckin' T-Pain

Saturday, Oct 31 // 9:00 pm – 2:00 am
City Hall Events Center (2nd location at the Curtis Hotel) – Denver, CO

Halloween night in this state is obviously one of the biggest nights to get down during the year. Something about the total randomness of being anything you secretly want to be (looking at you, bros dressing up as women) and the plethora of events about town that turn our cities on their heads. And the biggest of these events? Arguably Coloween, a lauded costume party thrown at City Hall (this year with a second location at Curtis Hotel) that manages to level-up each and every run through. This year they’ve booked T-Pain. Uhm, motherfucking T-Pain. Dress up, get down and turn this night into something you’ll only remember by scouring social media posts the next day.

Stay home and not do shit

Every day in October // 24 hour sweatpants-party-time
Your crib – Colorado

Srsly. Stay in, get down on some B-grade Netflix horror catastrophes and deliver handfuls of candy to someone else’s kid. It’s not the worst thing to ever happen to your social life — are your booze-hound friends even going to remember whether or not you were with them? And think of the pros: You wake up the next day not swimming in seventeen ATM receipts and don't have to worry about illegally driving or catching an up-charged, unable to secure UBER. You can still get tanked and dress up, oh sure, but there won’t be any left-behind garments at some randos house — so you can use the costume next year too. Bonus!

Hit up the Haunted Field of Screams

Open Thurs – Sunday until Oct 31
104th Ave & Riverdale Rd – Thornton, CO

There's nothing quite like messing your big-boy pants while complete strangers try taking your head off with what appears to be a genuine axe and/or chainsaw. The Haunted Field Of Screams touts itself as "the largest haunted attraction in Colorado" and has three parts to its ghastly event. They don't make these things for kids, we'll tell you that much. Find yourself an October issue of The Rooster to be gifted a two-for-one deal on attractions. Because we care …

Denver Cruisers Halloween Bike Party

Wednesday, Oct 28 // 7:00 pm – 2:00 am
Gin Mill – Denver, CO

We’re not saying it’s a good idea to get tanked and wear a floppy mask that covers your eyes at all the wrong times while trying to weave in and out of Denver’s horrendous traffic or anything — but that’s kind of what happens at the Denver Cruisers’ events, whether the promoters like it or not. Lately there’s been more of a push to corral the overall rowdiness of it, but it still goes live with tons of bikers (feet powered, not gas) roaming from bar to bar in ridiculous outfits. This is a very “Colorado-ey” thing, so if you’re new to town, jump aboard!

Halloweekend @ The View House

Thursday, Oct 29 – Saturday, Oct 31 // 5:00 pm – Close
The View Houses (Both locations) – Centennial and Denver, CO

If you have a great costume you’d rather not go to waste, and also like money, then try your bit at one of the two View House locations that are giving away cash prizes for the best spooky gear. Contests run on both Friday and Saturday night, so if you went shit-up on the first night, you have time the next day to up your horror game and maybe win on night two. With live music, drink specials and beautiful people (or, maybe not, but they’re dressed up, who cares) The View House is a workable spot to spend this All Hallow’s Eve!

Do something different

All Month // twenty-four-sev
Anywhere you want, it’s your life – In and around Colorado

Is there anything more frightening than voluntarily making yourself feel as uncomfortable as possible? Taking pregnancy tests, maybe, but forcibly entering in to a situation that you’ve never been in before may even trump that. Attend a show by yourself, go to a “seedy” part of town (because if you still think places are “seedy” then you need to get out more) and explore, play BINGO at an old folk’s home — hell, dress down and go to a suburban Target — these things are all terrifying! What better way to spend this month of fabricated horror than to scare the shit out of yourself for fun?