DMT users all say the same thing: It’s like nothing they’ve ever experienced.

Perhaps it’s the magnetism of that effect increasingly fueling users to seek out ancient breathing techniques to naturally achieve the same type of trippy, liberating high. According to some, anyone is able to take a free trip to the spirit world just by doing what we do all day, breathing — utilizing methods that include forced hyperventilation and deprivation in order to attain a state likened to a trip.

In a phone interview with Marie Torreyson — a resident of Houston, Texas — and her DMT dealer that we’ve agreed to call “Jake,” the two chemical compadres provide a look into the window that is the rise of DMT and the highly sought-after goal of using ancient practices to ignite the naturally occurring endogenous DMT residing within everybody.

Jake says the breathing techniques are an ode to those of Dutch daredevil Wim Hof, with a slight similarity to religions such as Buddhism. As science suggests, through stimulation of lung tissues and adrenal glands, it is possible to reach another level of consciousness.

The technique goes a little like this:

1. 30 power breaths, as if you ‘re blowing up a balloon with short, powerful bursts.
2. After those, fill your lungs once more and hold the breath for 10 seconds, or until you experience the gasp reflex.
3. Inhale for a deep recovery breath, hold for 10 seconds, and repeat three times.
4. After completing these breathing exercises, stop; and enjoy the good feelings of endogenous DMT flowing through your body.

Although DMT has made its way into the mainstream sector in the recent years, it hasn’t always been such a prolific drug. The use of psychoactive drug N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is dated back to the 8th century. Then, indigenous people in the Amazon would drink ayahuasca, a tea brewed from the hallucinogenic plant shrub Psychotria viridis.

“I use DMT anytime I need to hit my reset button,” says Torreyson. “I trip four or five times in a night. One hundred bucks worth will last me a while.”

Researchers have been poking into this alternate universe to discover its power since the 1950s, with a resurgence during the 1990s after researcher Rick Strassman published landmark studies on the use of DMT. He detailed experiments by using the Hallucinogen Rating Scale and later published “The Spirit Molecule” in 2000, which basically “broke the Internet” in terms of DMT and accurate literature.

Strassman concluded that DMT is a naturally occurring chemical in humans and mammals. His research suggests that it is housed primarily in the lung tissue and through a variety of enzyme activities and adrenal gland stimulation; the psychedelic results attained from using DMT can also be attained naturally through physiological responses.

According to Jake, the general consensus of the altered breathing method will send you off to another place in time, but the visual and verbal disturbances are not as intense and rarely will you have the treasured meeting with Mother Ayahuasca when going au natural for the trip.

“I used to laugh at the idea," says Jake. "But I am seeing more people who swear by these breathing exercises.”

[originally published August 29, 2017]