Demigoddess Sinead O'Connor gives Miley Cyrus one of those much needed bitchslaps that calms someone down and makes them realize they're being a dickhole with this really nice, but really mean letter.

In Rolling Stone, Miley Cyrus recently cited Sinead O'Connor as her inspiration for her "Wrecking Ball" video, for her music, and probably for her haircut-creation-thing and in doing so, blew a big, wet, HSV-I infected kiss to Sinead.

Then, Sinead O'Connor took that ass-kissing kiss that Miley blew at her, caught it in her hand, crushed it to death, put it in the trash then lit the trash can on fire with this open letter she wrote to Miley. This is what Sinead was like when she heard that Miley liked her:

Neo says no

Oh, and if you found yourself questioning who Sinead O'Connor is because you were either not born in the 90's or you just don't care about things that are good, she's the legendary singer who made this legendary video to go along with this legendary song:

Are you crying yet? Great. Now on to Sinead's very loving, gentle, motherly bitchslap across Miley's face. This is an abridged version. If you want to read the whole heartfelt, caring thing, go here:

Was that not the nicest smackdown of all time? Sinead for Miley Mother of the Year!