There's something about the way Jason Hill, aka Manic Lawd, illustrates with thick lines and bright colors that gives a happy feeling to myriad skulls within his work. We had a chance to talk with the Georgia artist about his work, his go-to party tricks and his love of what he's doing.  

photo - Manic Lawd - Jason Hill

Name: Jason Hill

Nickname: Manic Lawd

Spirit Animal: A Chubby Raccoon

Art - rouge skull - manic lawd - rebel scum

Go-to party trick: Flipping things, bottles, knives, etc when I shouldn’t. Getting too stoned to socialize. 

Favorite toothpaste: Once I found a tube of toothpaste in a box of stuff outside a storage locker. It wasn’t open and it was free. So that’s probably my favorite. 

Suit or sweats: Sweats; really a bathing suit and flip flops.

Last book you read: Star Wars Darth Plagueis. I don’t really take time to read, audio books are way more convenient. I’ve been getting into H.P. Lovecraft stories. 

You call yourself a dark artist, please explain: I like dark subject matter, mostly skulls and grim reapers. At this point I’d describe myself more as a lowbrow artist.

My style in 3 words: Skulls, Lowbrow, Manic

art- manic lawd- horned skull

Do chicks dig skulls: Skulls are gender non-specific. Everyone digs a good ol skull! 

Greatest artistic accomplishment: Probably just finding a subject matter that I love to draw and that I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. I spent most of my 20s searching for a purpose. That purpose is to draw goofy skulls. 

Where my art is taking me: To a tripped out psychedelic space world of death and love. 

art - biker skull - manic lawd

Worst advice I’ve heard: Someone once told me that trying to make it as an artist was pointless. One of the best things I ever did was cut them out of my life.

Best advice I’d give other artists: Draw what you love and don’t chase what you think other people want to see. The only way I could stay with something for a long time is that I was really into it. 

art - ouiji board - manic lawd

Small or large: Large scale and in your face is where it’s at. It leaves more of an impact and is way more fun for me to paint. 

Shameless plug: You can find me on: Instagram @maniclawd or visit me at

Keep it weird!

art - panic lawd - manic lawd