Slowly but chill-ly breaking news: A previously insignificant town in Kazakhstan has just become the world's most 420-friendly place after local council members "accidentally" planted thousands of weed plants along a city flower bed instead of normal plants.

Apparently no one in that particular council smokes weed, because we're pretty sure they would have noticed this:

Well, the streets may not be paved in gold … but it looks like they're at least paved in debauchery!

Thousands upon thousands of the little monstrosities are currently growing healthily in the city center of Astana, Kazakhstan, where no one … not one person … noticed that they were weed.

…. Except one man. One fun-loving man who apparently just likes to relax and have a good time.

Local resident Mihail Malorod discovered the unusual foliage after he was attracted by the aroma and unusual appearance of the plants. The sheer smell of the ganja garden was enough to make him cross the street and peer suspiciously into the greenery.

‘I was walking down the street when I saw these cute plants at the junction of Auezova Street and Dzhangeldina Street,’ he said. ‘What a nice little flower bed, I thought.’

Yes Mihail. What a nice flower bed indeed.

But not everyone is happy about weed growing on the city’s highways as Mihail, and now the city has launched an investigation to figure out who might have planted the weed. Was it an accident? Or an act of “guerilla gardening”?

Word's still out, but this is all just part of a larger, funnier story: For years, Kazakhstan’s government has been “working in vain” to destroy crops of weed that grow wild across all the country.

In fact, Kazakhstan’s Chu Valley is twice the size of France and is riddled with native marijuana plants. And since weed is very illegal in the country, the ready availability and the government's inability to control its growth make it almost impossible to police effectively. If someone wants to smoke a J in Kazakhstan, sometimes it takes no more effort than walking outside and plucking some from a highway median. Sounds like Denver!

In 2003, writer/presenter Simon Reeve discovered how easily marijuana grows in Kazakhstan when he traveled across the country for his TV series Meet the Stans. Here's a little video of that to whet your whistle while you wait to find out what genius conducted this marijuana caper with the flower beds.