Walking into a cannabis dispensary can feel a little bit like walking into a candy store these days. The shelves and glass cases are lined with cookies, brownies, tinctures, chocolates, candies, butter, beverages, and fruit chews galore.

It can be overwhelming with so many choices — you might find yourself freezing up like a deer in headlights, experiencing what they call “option paralysis” as you try and decide what edible you want to spend your hard-earned money on. Without the ability to sample, smell or taste any one product, it can be a roll of the dice.  Because, realistically: not all edibles are created equal. Some taste great but the high is a little off — some taste like straight bud, but offer a nice high, while others miss the mark on both flavor and effect.

Which is what makes it so special when you find an edible that both tastes great and provides a light, bubbly, truly enjoyable high. That’s the full package — the holy grail of edible cannabis — and it’s exactly what the folks at Smokiez Edibles have achieved with their cannabis infused fruit chews.

Sold in Washington, Oregon, California, Oaklahoma, Colorado and soon to be in Michigan (as well as in Canada and Mexico for CBD) these fire gummy chews are handcrafted with love. They’re vegan, they’re gluten free, they’re made with natural flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and they come iin a huge variety of awesome flavors.

These fruit chews could stand alone as their own candy — it just so happens that they’re all dosed with 10mgs of THC also, so you get nice and baked within 30 minutes to an hour after having eaten one.

“We’re just a group of humans trying to make a difference in the world. We put the utmost effort into making every product the best it can be.” Reads their about page on their website. “After one bite you’ll be asking yourself ‘Why are these so good?’ To answer your question simply — it’s our proprietary formula made with it High Clarity Extract.”

That High Clarity Extract is their secret ingredient, and provides a clear and pure fruity flavor to each and every one of their edibles. The consistency of these fruit chews is soft and gummy with a light sugar dusting. They melt in your mouth. And with ten different fruit flavors, there’s one for everybody. Choose from watermelon, peach, green apple, blue raspberry or blackberry, either or sour versions of any one of those.

The high you’ll get builds on you slowly, but you should start to feel effects within 30 minutes to an hour. It’s a light, controllable high, that doesn’t muddle the mind up too much, and still offers a nice body buzz. At 10 mgs it’s pretty easy to dose out — start with one, and after an hour, if you’re still trying to climb higher, take another. These fruit chews are about the size and shape of a quarter, so you can also easily bite half or a quarter off to dial in your dosage even more. Each pack comes with 100 mgs of THC total (10 fruit chews).

Smokiez Edibles also recently released a CBD line of wellness products — which still have the same fantastic flavors, still offer medicinal benefits, all without the THC high. It’s a non-psychoactive option for those who want to snack on some delicious fruit chews, while still getting the herbal benefits of cannabis.

And since Smokiez Edibles are sold in so many different locations across the US, they’re easy to find when you’re traveling. If you walk into a dispensary in any city in Oregon, Washington, California, Oaklahoma, or Colorado you should be able to find them. As long as you’re in any one of those states, you’ll have access to consistent edibles you’ll not only enjoy, but which you can trust with confidence to give uyou a good high.