This is really depressing, but also really funny. 

Turtles are adorable little shelled creatures that live in marshy areas and love swimming. Tortoises, on the other hand, are land animals, and will quickly drown if thrown into a body of water. 

They both look very similar:

The tortoise, which resembles a wrinkly nut sack.

The turtle, which has an uncircumcised-style turtleneck thingy. 

If you can't readily tell the difference, then you should probably just leave the damn thing alone and walk away. In fact, even if you can tell the difference, leave them alone unless they're wandering into traffic or something. Really, just don't fuck with it. Let it do its thing, and you do yours. 

What you definitely shouldn't do is confuse the two and then murder one in a stupid-ass attempt to save it, all while filming it and acting self-righteous. 

That was definitely a tortoise, and she just killed the shit out of that thing. They can't swim. "Turtle saving" is a stupid hobby, and you should just leave them the fuck alone, because they have enough problems without you killing them. 

God, people are stupid. To wipe the taste of turtle murder out of your mouth, here's an actual turtle fan: