He put on glasses to look official and everything …

As we reported on before, weed is going to be cheaper today (Sept 16) because of odd rules in Colorado's new tax laws. To er, uh, celebrate(?), Snoop Dogg sent Colorado's pot smoking residents a special message about how he feels about the movement. He put on glasses to look official and everything. 

While we wouldn't necessarily call this particular day a "holiday" — we're still pretty stoked on the positives coming out of our decision to legalize recreational use of weed. Snoop's right, we have seen "job creation for so many people, crime dropping for safer neighborhoods and raising to date over $100 million in tax revenue for the state and education." But to call it a "holiday" — let's not do that.

Because holidays are for acting like an asshole to commemorate whatever arbitrary day you were born on, and for gathering 'round the table for another installment of Family Feuds on some of the only times available to get away from work. It's not to make our weed legalization into a circus, further pushing proponents away and delivering stereotypes on a silver platter. But thanks Snoop! We'll be sure to catch any one of your thirty-seven shows in Colorado next year. Happy tax-free "day" to you too!