As the ancient proverb goes: “Haters will continue to hate in the face of nothingness.” At least…we think it’s something like that.

Anyway, yesterday the promoters of the wildly popular and insanely entertaining Snowball Music Festival announced the long awaited lineup. It looked just fine to us, but the revelers of Facebook were outraged. Some felt it was just too “meh” to even bother and others were downright irate at the selection of already-done headliners and the lineup not being very Colorado-centric.

We’re not really sure what they expected, but we’re just as stoked as any because a weekend like this gets us out of the house and into our good pair of jeans. This will also be the festival’s first year closer to Denver, a move that has had a fair amount of backlash from Snowball purists. The festival will be held in the Mile High Stadium parking lot – a la Warped Tour – held over the the April 4-6 weekend.

Our personal opinion is that the price of admission is worth seeing Busta Rhymes alone, but what do we know we just like good music and fun and neat stuff.

Currently the only tickets available are the 3-day general admission passes. Information about those can be found here.

And for your pleasure, a collage of some of the haters:

But we're totally on board here with Brett. Kudos Mr. Hailey. See you there!