It isn't a glamorous job, but someone's gotta do it …

It wasn't even a week ago when Hippie Sabotage was here in Colorado, opening up for Gramatik at Red Rocks to less than stellar reviews. But an act can get over a bad performance. It's easy. Wipe yourself off and do better next time.

But when you spend the very next performance chucking equipment into the pool while cursing out the crowd and trying to kick the shit out of security and sound engineers, you're all but marked in the industry. Self "sabotaged," if you will …

According to one What The Festival goer in Oregon, the two brothers were about thirty minutes into their set when one told the audience: "We're playing a hard set, and if you dont like it, fuck you, go talk shit on facebook." The team working the soundboard were apparently fed up with their shit after repeatedly telling them to settle the fuck down and sent security to cut everything short. That's when this video picks up:

Matthew Brown – This kind of incident doesn't belong at a… | Facebook

The best thing they could have done is lay low for a few days, let themselves cool down, apolgize to everyone, buy the security dude a case of beer and let this thing get lost in the chaotic feed of the Internet. Instead, the two immediately went on Periscope to tell their side of the story, but ended up making it worse, blaming other artists for trying to capitalize off of the incident and letting the heat of the moment get the better of them.

Diplo might be right, maybe the entire scene is "the corniest group of fucking people." Throwing tantrums isn't exactly comparing homosexuals to pedophiles or stealing other artist's music, but it's pretty damn close … hope the guys saved up for a solid public relations team.

cover photo: Nic Vasquez // body photo: Bobby T Photography