Trump: keeping America safe from miniature immigrants since 2016.

Trump talks a lot about his precious "wall," the famed blockade intended to keep Mexicans out of this here — activate Texas accent — Eeewnited States. 

It's such a stupid idea, that we routinely find ourselves wishing someone would build a wall around him.

Well … dreams to come true.

On Tuesday, the same day earth-dwelling demon Trump was officially nominated as the Republican candidate, a tiny wall sprung up around his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

The little 6-inch tall wall is replete with baby barbed wire, "Keep Out" signs, and miniature cheeky vandalism that says "Stop Making Stupid People Famous." LOL @ that. Now all it needs is mini Mexicans easily going over or under it.

Who did this, you ask?


Plastic Jesus. He's a popular street artist in Los Angeles known for his work lampooning the worship of false idols.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, no tiny Mexicans paid for it. The artist himself footed the bill.

This tiny ha-ha wall isn't the only abuse Trump's Hollywood star has taken though; it's been vandalized with Swastikas, tagged with the words "racist pig" and shat on by humans and dogs alike. In fact, it's gotten so much hate, that the people who manage the Hollywood stars considered removing it. Then, they thought better — why remove a public toilet when so many tourists need a place to poop?