Less than an hour in jail can really change a man. 

Chris Brown announced Tuesday (August 6th) that he is retiring from the music game. 

According to the singer's Twitter and MTV, he's fed up with being known more for his Rhianna-beating antics than his musical talent.  He left this gem on Twitter, which was retweeted over 25,000 times by frenzied fans and foes alike. 

After spending less than an hour in a Van Nuys, California jail in connection with a hit-and-run thing, something just clicked for him. Maybe it was the orange prison uniform (really not his color), or maybe it was the food (bolonga sandwiches, again?). We'll never know what it was about spending 51-ish minutes in prison that made him snap, but upon his release, he declared he was quite through with music, and that his upcoming album, X, would be his last.

Heavy. In June, a judge revoked his probation from his infamous 2009 assault on Rhianna in connection with that hit-and-run business. He's free to roam the earth until his August 19th hearing, but is facing up to four years in jail if he is found in violation. So, what does Chris Brown's publicity stunt-scented resignation mean for society?

A World Without Chris Brown…

…is a world where Rhianna and her dignity can strut their stuff, unscathed. 

…is a world where unassuming pedestrians have one less celebrity to worry about getting run over by. 

…is a world where where we must no longer hide in shame because "I Can Transform Ya" is inexplicably our favorite song. 

What would you do if Chris Brown wasn't in your life?