Always remember your hair ties, ladies … 

Who the hell comes up with these things? First it was that mind-numbingly stupid ice bucket thing, then it was probably something just as dumb, and now it's a challenge that will only end in heartbreak. 

Check out the "Eat Corn on the Cob From a Power Drill" Challenge, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. We're not sure what this is trying to accomplish, other than flinging corn everywhere and potentially ruining your teeth.

Unless, of course, you're doing something dangerous, stupid and potentially hilarious … then it's custom-made for the Internet. If you wanna be famous for hurting yourself, you've found exactly what you need. 

Some random Chinese woman decided to give this little challenge a whirl, and just to warn you — it's pretty cringe-worthy. Sorry.

Wow. We'd be losing our shit, but she handled it like a boss. 

Trolls from around the world have claimed that the whole thing was fake, but she posted a shot of the aftermath at the hospital:

Brutal. But at least she's famous now, right?