Well, our illuminati apocalypse survival mansion at D.I.A is very sophisticated …

Originally, we thought the fact Denver recently ranked as the country's eighth most futuristic city was hilarious.

After all, Dell's Future Ready Economies Model did the ranking. And yeah, that's Dell, as in Dell computers, as in the desktops they use at the DMV to teach you the meaning of patience.

But then, the more we thought about it, the more we realized Denver shouldn't be the eighth most futuristic city. It should be the first. Or at least third.

Being the first state capitol to reap the benefits of legal weed is as progressive and futuristic as it gets. Although smoking weed is a centuries-old medicinal pastime, the fact that we can buy it in a store instead of from our terrifing ex-dealer Killa Matt McStabby is nothing short of revolutionary.

Then there's the whole tech-boom thing. Colorado’s economy grew 4.7 percent in 2014 (2015's number aren't out yet), which was more than double the national average and the fifth-strongest of any US state, according to the US Department of Commerce. IBM, Oracle and Lockheed Martin are among the tech companies that have expanded in Denver, bringing tens of thousands of new jobs to the city. And who could forget that Google is currently overtaking Boulder, constructing its largest campus ever there. Tech has arrived. Tech is the future. The future is now.

All those tech jobs are, of course, correlated to Denver's housing market boom. Everywhere you look, you see new buildings erected and renovations completed, making Denver as architecturally modern a city as any. Although it'll always retain its infamous 1800s brownstones and historic buildings, Denver's aesthetic has become new, shiny and decidedly futuristic:

Okay. Now it makes sense that the people at Dell recognized Denver for it's future-forward ability to "attract people who are engaged in and open to lifelong learning that drives innovation; businesses that thrive in collaborative environments; and infrastructure that provides platforms for people to engage, collaborate, learn and innovate."

Also, who's seen one of these around Denver?

Look at that. It's like we're living in 2040, but our newspapers say 2016! And if that's not enough for you, Denver even has its own hoverboard company, eVoy. Kids are always riding those things, right? Children are our future.

Shit, Denver even has it's own Illuminati apocalypse survival mansion:

With all this in mind, it's easy to see why the future is already here in Denver and why Dell loves us sooo much. Thanks Dell. We love you too, especially when we want to play a version of Minecraft that went extinct elsewhere back in 2002.

Now if someone could just design a futuristic Denver-themed snow-blocker that would divert all snowfall to ski resorts so we could wear our flippy floppies again …