The tweaking conspiracy theorist at the Man base is gonna FREAK.

The annual Burning Man festival kicked off last week and if the bloodsucking bugs and desert sandstorms didn't deter the late-arriving ‘burners’, maybe the potentially-undercover FBI agents did.

A 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has forced the FBI to release a previously never before seen 16-page file, which notes deliberate FBI surveillance at the 2010 festival, through its Special Events Management Unit. According to the file, the Las Vegas FBI branch used the classic ‘Trojan Horse’ model of national security and “prevention of terrorist activities” to justify their on-site “intelligence collection."

Hilariously, the report continually refers to the Burning Man festival as "a cultural and artisan event” putting it on par with a Renaissance Fair or a fucking farmer’s market.
The report also states that the aforementioned artisanal flight of fancy “promotes free expression by the participants," noted one apparently positive-vibed field operative.

As with most declassified FOIA reports, many sections of the file are heavily censored. A largely-redacted portion of the file cryptically notes how certain unclarified “past events” could be used as a sort of “test case” scenario in the future (i.e. MKUltra FEMA camp reptilian-probing, etc.).

To ensure a burning pile of wasted tax dollars for festival participants to torch-up with, the operatives scientifically-concluded that the largest overall safety concerns were “crowd control and illegal drug use."

Most intriguing and potentially-damning of all is a portion which doesn’t concretely-state although it readily-implies that some burners were actually undercover police and FBI agents.

The festival still has a few more days to go and although the report is from 2010, if and when the briefcases are swapped at 7:00 and Esplanade, you didn’t see anything.