A South Korean man was killed by an industrial machine that identified him as a box, crushing his face and chest into a conveyor belt after picking him up with its creepy robot arms.

According to an article from BBC, the machine was used to lift boxes of peppers and transfer them onto pallets.

An employee for a robotic company was inspecting the machine when the robotic arm mistook him for a box of peppers and murked him in horrifying sci-fi fashion. 

We hesitate to use the word “mistook” in this context, and maybe “identified” is a better choice of words here, as everyone knows that, besides autocorrecting our often-used text message profanities to “ducking,” machines don’t really make mistakes.

Indeed, this story really answers the age-old 21st century question of “What’s worse than a machine taking your job?” with the answer appearing to be “When a machine undergoes a critical error and fucking crushes you thinking you’re a box of vegetables.”