But the war is still far from over …

Here's something not so surprising: According to a newly released market report created by App Annie, listeners around the world prefer Spotify more so than any other streaming service. The report shows the popular (though still controversial) service toppled the previous leader, Pandora, in worldwide active users, revenue and app downloads. It also predicts that the company will see stellar growth in the months to come.

Even though the streaming industry remains the proverbial thorn in every industry head's side, the report seems to show that no matter how much people are going to bitch about revenue and whatnot, people are going to stream their music. Because they want to. The snowball hath gained incredible amounts of flakes, and is now unstoppable. 

The report also suggests that services with on-demand libraries, like that of Spotify, are becoming increasingly more popular than applications like Pandora — which make you sit through bullshit even though you'd probably rather not.

What's more interesting, is now that YouTube has fisted itself into the equation with it's "Red" service — being one of the most popular apps, services and time-killers in the history of ever — things are bound to get even more brutal in the months to come. 2016 is going to be all out shenanigans in the streaming field. Grab a healthy portion of popcorn, shit's going down.