A performance audit recently revealed that Colorado is falling behind on its goals when it comes to marijuana enforcement.

We personally hope that we had nothing to do with that, though we admit that the last time we bought an ounce, it was from a college kid in basketball shorts named D-Crew and we met him behind the Dairy Queen. He didn’t even have a bag, he just dumped it all into our hands.

An article from KDVR explains that the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) has a lot of room to improve when it comes to preventing underage sales or ensuring that cannabis isn’t a “threat to public safety.”

The audit explains that many dispensaries in the state did not receive their mandatory inspections required within one year of opening or their routine underage compliance checks, which is supposed to be done by the MED.

Look, we love smoking weed and hate cannabis stereotypes as much as the next guy, but we hope that next year, the MED can bang out a few more inspections before they roll up a blunt and eat an entire carton of Goldfish while binge watching Netflix nature documentaries.