Colorado's all like "Keystone Pipeline" and Wisconsin's over here like "What does 'bae' mean?"

In the modern era, Google has largely replaced that portion of our brains previously used to store basic and/or long-term information. Impulsivity is all too easy as we sift through videos of cats attacking cucumbers,  pizza rat and pizza rat imposter clips among troves of other meaningless information. With that in mind, our mutual search histories for 2015 give a glimpse of the larger creature at work … a larger creature that shows the other 49 states are idiots and we are yung chill pimps.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of the country, Colorado’s top four searches are at least commendable on an intellectual, knowledge-seeking level. The ‘Syrian Civil War,’ ‘mass shootings,’ and the ‘Keystone Pipeline’ rounded out CO’s top searches. To put that in perspective, while Coloradans were busy researching the newly discovered water on our celestial neighbor, Mars, the bipedal humanoids of Mississippi were literally searching ‘booty.’

Post-Katrina, the poor folks of Louisiana just can’t catch a break when comes to disasters as the great “Blue Bell Ice Cream Recall” of 2015 broke servers across the Pelican State. On the same token, life in Montana has never been more stereotypically Montana as individuals there were more concerned with ‘Wolves’ than anything else they could think of. Anything.

North Carolinians seemed to be asking those deeper, underlying regional identity questions, whereas Georgia was still trying to nail to ‘Whip dance’ (similarly, musings on ‘the stanky leg’ also made Georgia’s Most Searched in 2015.

Can someone please just explain to Wisconsin what ‘bae’ means already? They’re really having trouble wrapping their heads around that one…

You can see the full list and extended search data here.