When we watch ski videos we don't want balls-to-the-walls action, we want balls-splattered-on-the-fucking-ceiling action. Luckily our boys at Stept have balls to spare. Time in and time out, they put out a ski film that leaves us in the fetal position clutching our ACLs.

Using the biggest cities in the country as their playground, the Stept crew sacrifices their health as they continue to redefine street skiing. Groundbreaking action, coupled with an award winning film crew brings a dark and mysterious story to light. Mutiny is intended for a mature audience and is dedicated to exposing the viewer to the raw and unfiltered world of the Stept crew. The films release will coincide with the drop of Stept Fall '13 apparel line. To pre-order the film and other merchandise, as well as find out more about Stept, please visit ww.steptproductions.com.