It doesn't take a doctor to look at Steven Tyler and diagnose that the Aerosmith frontman isn't a specimen of pristine health; doing drugs for the good part of a century will do that to you. Just how many drugs the rock star took through all orifices of his body was up for debate until a recent interview on Australian 60 Minutes when he admitted to taking $6 million worth of drugs over his career. 

His confession lays to rest the originally rumored $20 million he'd taken and reduces the amount to a much more manageable number and one the public can relate to. As he puts it in the interview: 'Realistically, 5 or 6 [million]. But it doesn’t matter. You also could say I snorted half of  Peru, but it doesn’t matter,' he said.  

When snorting $6 million up your nose doesn't matter, you're either a rockstar, a Columbian drug lord or lying to yourself about your net worth. Sadly, we believe Mr. Tyler. And although we've never seen $6 million in drugs, nor snorted that amount, there's another little known rockstar who's preventing us from giving Steven Tyler too much credit. His name is Keith Richards and he's most likely a member of the walking dead. 

But Steven Tyler, that won't stop us from crowning your mouth as the largest thing we've ever seen. Snort what you need to snort, you're a great song writer.