It's like Christmas in July but in May?

Stoner Moment is your weekly chronicle of the stoniest stories on this here interweb. This week: two 4/20s?!

For the past 40-ish years, people have gathered on April 20th to hotbox the globe in celebration of weed and its affiliated culture. The date itself has become synonymous with marijuana indulgence and is firmly cemented in our collective unconscious as a symbol of dank freedom.

Too bad our beloved 4/20 is now officially being moved to 5/21 … at least in Colorado.

This year in the square state, we're being blessed with not one, but two whole 4/20 celebrations thanks to a little thing called snow.  Just to jog your memory, our original 4/20 plans were canceled this year when God or nature or somebody mean sent a furious wrath of blizzarding white stuff down upon our heads on the day of our annual rally at Denver's Civic Center, forcing us to cancel the event and leave thousands of stoners with no place to celebrate. We were left high and dry … but definitely more high.

But now, event organizers have simply shoved the rally forward in time by a month and a day, and the new 4/20 rally is now set to take place at the Civic Center on Saturday May 21. Both Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne will perform at the rescheduled event, and all tickets for the April 16 rally will be honored at the May 21 event.

“This gives us time to plan a bigger and better event,” MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich told The Cannabist. “It was a tremendous task to find a date that worked with both artists. The city was extremely helpful in helping us secure Civic Center for the new date.” No problemo!

So there you have it. You already had your 4/20 this year, and you'll be getting another one at the same place with the same lineup as the original. You lucky dog, you.

Photo cred: Larry Hulst—Getty Images