We're not saying all of his movies are bad, but there's no arguing science. Or is there?

There's an old saying in statistics, "Correlation doesn't equal causation."

It means just because two things seem to be related, they don't necessarily have anything to do with one another. Still, there is some fun to be had in looking at why murders spike with ice cream sales. It's what self-proclaimed lover of all things science and discovery Tyler Viegen does with his free time. As a Harvard Law student, he likes to graph random things and see which add up to what. 

Like the number of drownings versus how many Nicholas Cage movies are made in a year. Who'd have thunk?

1) Japanese cars sold in the U.S. vs. Suicides by car crashes

Before you say it, no, the Japanese cars sold in America aren't cursed with the souls of WWII kamikaze pilots, but it does lead to an interesting thought project. Maybe people are upset with all the freaking Subarus taking over our highways, or maybe they are just trying to see if these safety ratings are total B.S. Either way, a 93.57 percent correlation is pretty astonishing.

2) Consumption of mozzarella cheese vs. number of civil engineering doctorates

While you're probably sitting at home reading this article in your underwear, somewhere right now there is a person busting their ass to graduate with a doctorate in civil engineering. But what's the difference between you and them? Is it determination? Intelligence? Mathematical skill? Love for mozzarella cheese? Science may say the latter. With a 95.86 percent correlation rating between mozzarella consumed on a yearly basis and number of civil engineering doctorates awarded, clearly the only option for graduating with a degree in civil engineering is a diet consisting solely of creamy mozzarella drenched pizza. 

3) Number of people who drowned falling into a pool vs. films Nicholas Cage appeared in 

We don't have anything against Nicholas Cage, but it's no hidden fact that not all of his movies have been hits. Take Ghost Rider and the very much not needed Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance — they're definitely not Oscar material nor do they exemplify "good acting" even in the slightest sense. This doesn't mean people who can't swim are "falling" into pools just so they don't have to sit through another remake of National Treasure, but it is hard to argue statistics. 

4) Age of Miss America vs. murders by steam, hot vapors and hot objects

The term "hot" is very subjective when it comes to both beauty and room temperature. Unfortunately for women across the world, men tend be in control of most businesses, and the standards for young, attractive women is getting more and more ridiculous as time goes on. Even one of the most unattractive men alive (who also happens to be running for president) was once the sole owner of the Miss Universe pageant, which is responsible for naming the most attractive women among the entire inhabitants of space.

But women are told from a young age through television, magazines and movies that being young is equivalent being beautiful. This is seen in the Miss America Pagent where you cant even be older than 24 to compete, and believe it or not, the older a Miss America winner is, the more people are murdered by hot things. So hot can be both good and bad