A WTF moment in the world of science: this study finds that men would prefer their bed-mates to wear pajamas. Because modesty is so hot right now. Modesty.


Have you been sleeping in the nude? What about in sexy lingerie? Well for the love of all that is holy, please cover yourself up and get cozy because a study by mattress company Ergoflex revealed that men prefer women cover themselves up at bedtime, thank you very much. A big fat 70% of men actually prioritized comfort over sexiness in women's bed-wear.

The study found that 37% of men prefer that women wear the holy mother of boner-killing garments to bed: pajamas. You know, like big, full-sleeved, matching top and bottom type things. Men actually preferred the modesty of pajamas to both lingerie and nudity, reporting that they thought women looked "cute" in pajamas, and that they liked the modesty.

…So like this?

We're lighting a lingerie bonfire in our parking lot, if anyone wants to come join.

Okay, you got us. Lingerie came in at second place for men's choice for ladies' bed-wear. And shockingly, nudity was actually the least preferred sleep outfit. Guys, you mean you don't want a naked chick sleeping next to you? Whatever happened to 'easy access'? A good percentage of men also reported that the sexiest thing a woman could wear was a t-shirt they borrowed from them.

Speaking of the ladies, the same study found that they'd prefer their partners to wear simple boxers, and that's it. No "Beavis and Butthead" t-shirt they've had since they were 14, no full pajama set, just…boxers. Pajama pants came in second. Bascially…it looks like women want just want men to be shirtless. Here are the results of the study so you can plan your bedroom outfit tonight…