By no means whatsoever are we bashing the idea of drunk sex. If it weren't for cheap booze and $3 you-call-its, our sex life would read more like a depressing Lifetime movie opposed to its current state which is slightly less depressing than a Lifetime movie. Single people are supposed to have no-strings attached sex every now and then, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. But according to a new study it's not just singles who are constantly having drunk sex, but couples as well. 

The study, conducted by a British website, found that one in ten adults who consume alcohol said they haven't had sex without being inebriated within the last six months. Topping that, half of the couples hadn't had sex in the last month without slamming a drink or two before hand. 

The reason for the habitual use of liquid courage is because more than two-thirds of participants confessed that alcohol makes them feel more confident in the bedroom and that without a buzz, they wouldn't even be "in the mood" for sex. Forty percent of couples said that although they drink, they worry about sexual performance being affected when drunk. So there it is: more couples worry about their confidence levels than underperforming after drinking too much.  

Researchers in the study said that alcohol is playing an increasingly larger role in our daily lives and now even dictates when we have sex. 

"It was shocking to see that as many as one in ten couples haven't made love sober in over six months. Whilst there's not necessarily anything wrong with this, our results show that many think booze affects the quality of our lovemaking in a negative way, and so it's clearly impacting enjoyment between the sheets," said the studies author Sarah Bailey.

Although this study is British, our expertise in all things drinking, bars and desperate sex allows us to infer that the same thing most likely occurs in the U.S. only with better teeth. Nonetheless, the study neglects to include in the results that once in a committed relationship, you need to drink to get most things accomplished.