Colorado Deputy Forced Out Over OnlyFans Page
Arapahoe County Sheriff Deputy Melissa Williams, a 28 year veteran, retired recently with a $30,000 settlement instead of an internal investigation after a fellow officer filed a complaint regarding Williams’ side-hustle OnlyFans page which she ran with her husband. Turns out, those she protected and served weren’t her only fans. 

Pope blesses the tax collectors 
Pope Francis is evidently blessing anything and everything following a visit with tax collectors in Italy where the Pope blessed the government workers and told them they’re a sign of legality and justice and help redistribute wealth. Must be easy to preach about tax collection when the church is exempt from paying taxes.  

Bad Day For Hitting on Police
A North Dakota woman, 50, was arrested for slapping a police officer on the butt and telling him she “has a thing for men in uniform” while the officer conducted an inspection of the bar she was at. The charge carries up to six years in prison. She should be getting a slap on the wrist; the officer should have turned the other cheek. 

Good Day For Condoms
Facing a pandemic, the Chinese government told athletes of the Beijing Olympics condoms were okay in the Olympic village as is tradition but hugs were not out of caution for COVID. When asked about the policy, a majority of male athletes agreed hugs might be too much. 

“F*ck Fauci … Let’s go Brandon …  We all bleed red, brother, listen to me, it’s time for love and unity.”
Beautiful lyrics in Kid Rock’s new song “We The People” asking for love and unity while telling people to go fuck themselves. The song skyrocketed to number one on iTunes. We would just like to say, it’s extremely frustrating and disturbing in this day and age that people are still using iTunes.